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We are very pleased to offer these state-of-the-art devices for our hearing impaired and vision impaired patrons.  Please ask for the devices at the concession stand.  Available on a first-come, first-serve basis

Closed Captioning Device

The closed captioning device connects to your armrest in the theater.  It has a goose neck arm that allows you to position the device to the exact spot where you would like to read the captioning.  It is recommended to adjust it so the words appear right below the movie screen where you are sitting.  

Assistive Listening Headphones

The Assistive Listening headphones are a very comfortable pair of wireless headphones.  The headpones have 2 modes of operation.  The first mode is used to enhance the volume of the movie itself.  The volume in each ear can be adjusted independently to give a person the ideal volume in each ear.

Descriptive Narrative

The second mode of these headphones is used for the Descriptive Narration of the Movie.  This is much like listening to an audio book in your car.  The Narration tells what actions are happening in the movie.  It is recommended that you turn down the volume in one ear all the way so you can hear the movie playing in the theater, and the narrative in the other ear of the headphones.

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